Microscopes inside the body.

We create miniaturized yet powerful diagnostic technologies for rapidly visualizing tissue microstructure and function over entire organ surfaces.

Photonic micro-engineering for minimally invasive clinical imaging

From ultracompact laser scanners to clinical-grade systems, we strive for instant diagnosis at the cellular level, by the patient bedside, in the operating room.

Microscopic mapping of entire organs

Above: pre-cancerous esophagus of a living patient, ‘flattened’ for 3-D viewing from tissue surface to deeper depths. 4 x 24 cm scan area

Our team

Skilled in electrical, mechanical, optical engineering and artificial intelligence. Focused on challenges in human health and disease.

The PI. (photo credit: spouse)
Liang Research Group

Principal Investigator: Kaicheng Liang

Email: liang_kaicheng at ibb dot a-star dot edu dot sg (was previously ‘ibn’)

Address: Institute of Bioengineering and Bioimaging, Nanos level 7, Biopolis, Singapore